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Current Litters

For those inquiring about puppies:

At this time (January 2022) I have made the tough decision to suspend my breeding program indefinitely. Many factors have played into this decision, including the permanent closing of the nearest emergency vet, the retiring of my trusted pennHIP vet, the increased demand for and long wait time to get appointments at my regular vet, and the fact that I do not have any breedable females left. The health and well being of my dogs is ALWAYS my number one priority. If I feel that I cannot provide the best possible circumstances to ensure a healthy litter, then I do not breed. Period. Four adult dogs is my limit to ensure I can comfortably and responsibly care for them and give them the best life that I can. The cost to feed my small pack has nearly doubled over the last two years. I just can't fathom bringing another dog into the mix just to keep my breeding program going. I am happy to provide the names of breeders I have worked with or know personally to anyone who is interested.

I will likely close down my website the next time it's up for renewal. You are welcome to follow me on facebook and stay in touch!

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